The College

Mission Statement

Our philosophy and goals are expressed through the College motto; Religio Scientia Cultus – we are shaped and directed by what we believe, by what we know, by what we value.

At Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, students are:

  • Provided with a quality education rich in diversity of opportunity
  • Encouraged to realise their potential within a strong, nurturing community based on Mercy values
  • Challenged both academically and spiritually, and motivated to make a positive contribution to their world

College Crest

The crest STAR OF OCEAN symbolises the importance of a true guide in our quest for the good, the true and the beautiful, and reminds us of Jesus, the way, and of Mary, Mother of Mercy, our pre-eminent guide on the journey across life’s vast ocean.

College Motto

Named after Monte Sant’ Angelo in Gargano, Italy, a time-honoured centre of religion, learning and culture, the College adopted a motto which declared simply and directly its values-based philosophy and broad curriculum:


Our lives, it says, are shaped and directed by what we believe, by what we know and by what we value.