Religious Education

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College is a Catholic College founded by the Sisters of Mercy. The College offers a high quality curriculum for Religious Instruction which fulfils the Archdiocesan Guidelines for Years 7-10 and the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements for Studies of Religion Years 11 and 12. The Religious Education program promotes and nurtures individual and communal spirituality.

In this welcoming faith community, students are provided with opportunities to:

  • access and understand the Sacred Scriptures and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ
  • develop a critical understanding and appreciation of the Catholic faith tradition and grow in the knowledge, beliefs, ritual practices, social structures, history, symbols, stories and teachings of this tradition
  • develop and appreciate the beliefs and values of other Christian and non-Christian faith traditions
  • reflect, evaluate and interpret their life experience which in turn will lead them to personal growth and the development of religious, spiritual and moral awareness
  • participate in meaningful, contemporary experiences of prayer and liturgy which will help them grow in their relationship with God
  • develop their leadership qualities for service in the worshipping community
  • learn about the life and work of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy and reflect on the impact and influence of the Mercy ethos on the life of the College
  • make explicit the stated values of the College in their daily life
  • analyse and respond to issues of injustice in the light of Catholic Social teaching
  • participate in the Church’s social mission for the betterment of marginalised peoples both locally and globally

College Liturgies

One of the most important and significant activities in the life of the College is the celebration of Liturgy. Throughout the school year, staff and students gather to pray as a community. Participation is encouraged and all celebrations include formal prayer, drama, dance, music and song. Some Liturgies are celebrated with the Eucharist while others take the form of a prayer service. Attention is given to ensuring College Liturgies are relevant to the girl’s lives and are presented in a contemporary way.

The celebration of Liturgy throughout the year is complemented by the Morning Prayer Program in which all Years gather in the Chapel once a cycle, to pray for their needs and the needs of others.