Values of the Mercy Tradition

The Mercy tradition holds the following values:

MERCY, which means

  • to be COMPASSIONATE – we let our hearts be touched by the pain of others
  • to provide HOSPITALITY – we treat others with friendliness and warmth
  • to celebrate our TRADITIONS – we appreciate and nurture the heritage we have received

HUMAN DIGNITY, which means

  • to be RESPECTFUL – we treat all living beings with dignity and respect
  • to value DIVERSITY – we affirm the intrinsic value and gift of each human being
  • to EMPOWER each other – we provide an environment which involves people in meaningful ways and encourages them to achieve their full potential

JUSTICE, which means

  • to work for the COMMON GOOD – we work to ensure that our actions are based on and support the needs of the human family at the local and global level
  • to be RESPONSIBLE STEWARDS – we respect the natural world that sustains us and act to ensure the judicious and fruitful use of the resources in our care
  • to be ADVOCATES – we identify unjust social structures and practices, including those that exclude persons, and take action for positive change.

SERVICE, which means

  • to foster EDUCATION – we respond to the human need for education by addressing the intellectual, spiritual, social, psychological, cultural and physical dimensions of education
  • to ensure QUALITY – we work in creative ways to ensure and enhance the quality of all that we do in our relationships, organisation, curriculum and services
  • to address COMMUNITY NEEDS – we work with the communities we serve to identify needs and to ensure our responses enhance community wellbeing.

OPTION FOR THE POOR, which means

  • to be AWARE of the poor – we carry out our work conscious of how decisions we make affect the poor
  • to make a COMMITMENT to the poor – we commit ourselves to meeting the needs of the poor in creative and collaborative ways
  • to EMPOWER the poor – we use our influences and resources to assist the poor in more fully benefitting from and contributing to the common good.

The College Community strives to live by the Mercy Values.