Health Centre

Centrally located on the College campus, the Health Centre is staffed by a full time Registered Nurse. Opening hours are from 8.00am – 1.30pm and 2.20pm - 4.00pm Monday to Friday. The daily activities in the Health Centre vary greatly from treating simple cuts and abrasions, dispensing paracetamol for headaches to more serious illnesses and accidents. Strict recording guidelines are adhered to when students come to the clinic. Each girl is assessed when she presents at the clinic and a parent is phoned if their daughter is too sick to remain at school. Most students are able to be treated and return to the classroom so as to minimize disruption to their day.

Throughout the year, the Health Centre Manager participates in relevant professional development courses. At the beginning of each year the NSW School Nurses Association holds a Conference where guest speakers include people from the Asthma and Epilepsy Associations as well as many other relevant organisations. First Aid training is also updated at this conference.

It is important that all significant illnesses are recorded with the Health Care Manager and updated as necessary. All medical information is treated with confidence. The number for the Health Centre is 9409 6255. Medical update forms are sent out annually at the beginning of Term 4.

The Health Centre Manager also arranges Health Department vaccinations for students as well as organising the Flu Vaccine for staff members annually.