2019 AMSSA Conference

2019 AMSSA Conference 8-10 Aug

2019 AMSSA Conference

Speaking the Silence was the theme of the 2019 biennial conference of the Australasian Mercy Secondary Schools Association, involving over 200 Mercy school leaders and educators.

The conference was designed to bring together women and men engaged in Mercy secondary education across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, who are interested in sharing their experiences, participating in professional development, networking with like-minded people and looking to be inspired and to celebrate Mercy.

In the process of discerning the 2019 conference theme, the organising committee reflected that;

We presently live in an unprecedented time of disquiet. Educationally, politically, socially and ecclesiastically, the old ways, voices and paradigms are shifting, disintegrating, being challenged and changed. Yet, as Christians, firm in hope, we believe that the hushed Spirit of God remains, speaking to us through the 'signs of the times' - speaking to us and through us in the silence and silenced.

Following in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley, the AMSSA Conference provided an opportunity to listen for, and to speak, the urgent and perhaps even uncomfortable silences - in our work in Mercy schools, in our Church and in our world.

Giving voice to:
The silent Cry of the Merciful Spirit of God in our times
The silent Cry of the Poor and Afflicted
The silent Cry of the Earth
The silent Cry of the Faithful
The silent Cry and Questions of our own hearts, minds and spirits




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