Scientia Project

The Scientia Project will deliver 12 Science, Sports Science and PDHPE laboratories; a social innovation and enterprise hub to support both our growing industry programs and the next generation of female entrepreneurs; a multipurpose gymnasium which includes two indoor sports courts, a gymnasium and a rooftop court; and urban green spaces for learning and recreation, improving the openness and accessibility across the site’s steep topography.

The innovative design of the Scientia Project comes from Hayball—one of Australia’s leading design practices who centre their work around educational architecture. Hayball recognised the significant heritage value of the Monte campus: “The new project aims to respect and complement the heritage buildings by ensuring a sensitive building scale, using complementary materials and creating strong view lines back to the heritage buildings through landscape compositions.”

The result will be that students and staff are able to connect with the powerful history and ethos of the progressive Mercy order through their everyday campus experience.


At the heart of Scientia rests Monte’s everlasting encouragement of the realisation of the full potential of every student and the rigorous pursuit of opportunities that champion female empowerment.

 “The Scientia Project will support our young women and staff to flourish amongst the developments, changing dynamics and complex real-world issues of today and the years ahead.”

- Mrs Nicole Christensen

Once complete, the Monte campus will deliver a dynamic array of new facilities that support future learning and the health and wellbeing of students.

Click here to visit the Scientia Project website for further information.