Mercy Connections

The College community strives to live by the following Mercy values:

MERCY - which means to be COMPASSIONATE, to provide HOSPITALITY and to celebrate our TRADITIONS

HUMAN DIGNITY - which means to be RESPECTFUL, to value DIVERSITY, and to EMPOWER each other

JUSTICE - which means to work for the COMMON GOOD, to be RESPONSIBLE STEWARDS and to be ADVOCATES

SERVICE - which means to foster EDUCATION, to ensure QUALITY and to address COMMUNITY NEEDS

OPTION FOR THE POOR - which means to be AWARE of the poor, to make a COMMITMENT to the poor and to EMPOWER the poor.

The Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College community is inter-connected to the wider Mercy community both within Australia and globally.

Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia 

som.pngThe Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia is a community of Catholic women, about 1,500 in number, dedicated to serving people who suffer from injustices related to poverty, sickness or lack of education. Their inspiration is drawn from Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland in 1831. Catherine responded to the needs of those who were marginalised and oppressed by unjust social attitudes and practices of the day. Find out more.

Mercy Foundation

Mercy_Foundation_-_logo.pngThe Mercy Foundation was established by the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney in 1990. It is an organisation committed to social justice and structural change to create greater social equity and inclusion in the Australian community. The Mercy Foundation addresses its social justice agenda through seed funding, advocacy, working in partnership with other organisations and education.

The Mercy Foundation is an independent voice, informed by evidence and current research. The current focus issues are ending homelessness and anti-human trafficking.

The Mercy Foundation values its close relationship with the Monte community. Principal of Monte, Mrs Nicole Christensen, is a Board member of the Mercy Foundation and Sr Carmel McDonough RSM was previously a long term member of the Board and is currently an active member of the grants committee. Monte students have been invaluable in fundraising for the Mercy Foundation and helping in practical ways, especially with the Home in a Box project. Find out more.

Mercy Works

mercy_works.pngMercy Works supports the local and overseas relief and development activities that are part of the vision and mission of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia & Papua New Guinea. In Australia, Mercy Works  offers community education in world development concerns, provides assistance with refugees, and works in partnership with indigenous peoples. Overseas, the primary focus is in the Asia-Pacific region, where, in collaboration with local partners, Mercy Works  directs its efforts towards the education, health care and social and spiritual well-being of those who are poor or displaced. Find out more.

Australasian Mercy Secondary Schools Association

mercy-secondary.pngThe aim of the Association is to further Mercy spirituality and ethos for secondary education through sharing expertise and resources and by providing national and international forums for Mercy educators. The Association is open to educators in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania in secondary schools under the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy or where the Sisters of Mercy were founders and leaders. Find out more.

Mercy International Association

mercy-world.pngSisters of Mercy, through Mercy International Association, use their resources to respond to issues of global poverty demonstrated in the massive displacement of persons worldwide. Find out more.