From time to time, families in our College community experience hardship and may require some assistance.

As a means of providing practical support for those facing difficult times, Monte's Parent & Friends Association established the #SupportCrewMeals initiative; which provides these families with nutritious cooked meals. The College's Pastoral team works closely and confidentially with the families, and organises the discrete delivery of these meals.

SupportCrewMeals are always graciously received and appreciated, and we encourage you to consider becoming a SupportCrew member, and assist fellow Monte families. 

Please CLICK HERE to email us should you have any enquiries. 

Would you like to help?

Cooking Meals

If you would like to help by cooking a meal, please CLICK HERE to register. This link also provides further information on how to prepare the meals, where to deliver them and how to label them correctly (using our template).

Upon registering you may find that all spaces are booked. Please note that we regularly place 'calls for meals' in the weekly College newsletter, Monte Matters to notify the community that we are again in need of more meals. 

Donations to Provide Pantry Items and Household Staples

If you are unable to cook a meal but would like to assist, you are welcome to contribute a monetary donation. These funds are used to assist families in need of support with pantry items and household staples. 

Please CLICK HERE to make a donation.

On behalf of the Monte P&F, we thank you for your support, knowing that together we can make a real difference.