Cooking #SupportCrewMeals

What should I cook?

A family favourite or tried and tested recipe. Alternatively, there are links to recipe ideas under the Useful Links tab.

Meals should be:

  • easily transportable in a standard take-away container
  • not excessively spicy
  • easy to reheat

How much food should I make?

Each meal should feed a family of four (two 650-750ml take-away containers)

Are there any other instructions?

Whilst we're sure you'll take the utmost care in preparation of your meals, Food Health and Safety Regulations require that you consider the following when cooking meals for others:

Guidelines for preparing meals

  • Buy fresh ingredients
  • Wash hands constantly with warm water and soap (especially between handling of different kinds of food ie meat and vegetable)
  • Cover any wounds
  • Thoroughly wipe down and dry all surfaces
  • Keep area wiped throughout the preparation
  • Wash, sterilise and dry all items you will use to cook with (a dishwasher works for this)
  • If cooking nut-free, gluten-free or vegetarian meals, ensure all utensils are used specifically for each meal
  • Ensure different utensils are used for cutting different foods: e.g. raw meat and vegetables
  • Cook all food completely so that meals only need to be reheated
  • Do not leave the food to cool on the counter for more than 30 minutes before freezing
  • Freeze food for at least 6 hours before transporting

Packaging the food

Package all food in 650ml or 750ml rectangular take-away containers. These can be easily purchased at Coles or Woolworths and are also available at Monte near the freezer. Rectangular shaped containers will fit easily into the freezer and ensure maximum meals can be stored.

Labelling the Food

All meals require labelling. Please download the label by clicking here or pick up printed labels from the storage container next to the freezer.