New technologies continue to invigorate many aspects of our lives in the twenty-first century. Plus ICT provides new opportunities to innovate and transform. We value technology for its capacity to enhance learning.

The iLearn Program aims higher

At Monte, the iLearn Program aims to provide each girl with an equitable and personalised technology experience where they become increasingly independent and responsible users of technology.

The Mac is just part of the uniform

Monte girls are provided with a Mac bundle that incorporates the computer (MacBook or MacAir), carry bag, comprehensive software suite, external hard drive, three-year warranty and comprehensive insurance. All this coupled with pro-active technical support provided by our expert staff at iAssist. Ongoing updates are provided through our Self Service system.

The pastoral advantage

We partner with parents to provide an authentic technology experience for our students. As such, computer usage is restricted on week nights for students in Years 7-10 between 10.00pm and 6.00am. Internet access is monitored whilst onsite. Tools are provided to help girls learn to manage social networking and other distractions. Parents can request a monitoring tool.  

We take technology seriously!

Our ICT team is a vibrant and energetic group of professionals who oversee the technology provision of all elements of the College. As such, our team is structured to provide three tiers of support; ICT Curriculum, ICT Infrastructure and ICT Helpdesk (iAssist).

It’s all about integration!

With both the Board of Studies and International Baccalaureate in action, and the Australian Curriculum ramping up, our technology program is integrated into each subject area. Learning tasks are designed to integrate ICT skills and provide a rich learning experience for our girls. Our e-Learning suite titled MonteConnect integrates with GoogleDocs providing each girls with her own GoogleDoc account, electronic portfolio and e-mail address. Every subject has its own online course to complement its delivery. Our full time ICT Integrator leads a team of ten e-learning facilitators who work in their faculties, providing just-in-time support to Academic staff as they embrace the College’s technology program.

Why have a Technology Captain?

Our Technology Captain liaises with the student leadership teams to help inform the next steps of the iLearn program. She is a role model as a technology innovator and an approachable peer who mentors students to use technology as a productive and useful learning tool.

Where to next?

We’re investing in a Longitudinal Study of the impact the iLearn program is having on girls’ learning. Each year our independent researcher surveys the community and runs focus groups with staff, students and parents to evaluate the impact of the program. A report is prepared, complete with recommendations for the College Board and Executive. This report informs the next steps of the program.

Our Strategic Group are currently planning for our next innovation, the iLearnPLUS program. We look forward to bringing you more information about this soon. In the meantime, be sure to read Monte Matters.

Contact us

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