Student Life

Monte prides itself on the role its staff and community play in the shaping of our young women. Our aim is to care for every student with dignity and compassion so that they can grow into self-confident young adults, capable of acting with honesty and integrity and above all, Mercy. 


Service to others is a key value of the Mercy tradition and a key component of the College life. Students are encouraged to work for the common good, to be responsible stewards of our environment and to advocate for social justice.

Pastoral care is run within Year levels. Tutor groups meet each morning, enabling the interaction and participation of students and teachers in a small. Personal environment.

In addition to the formal structure, there are many other opportunities in both classroom and co-curricular activities for students to develop their personal leadership qualities and serve others.

At Monte, co-curricular activities are integral to a holistic education. A diversity of activitites encourages students to discover and develop their individual talents, skills and interests. Sport and music programs, social justice groups, debating, drama and many more clubs, together with opportunities for leadership and community service, help students to become actve and constructive members of society.


Founded in 1875 by the Sisters of Mercy, the College continues a tradition of excellence in Catholic education in the Mercy tradition.


Monte strives to be a place of challenge and enrichment for the mind of every student to realise their indiviual potential. Click here for more information.


The annual House Plays evening is a wonderful student-led event which brings together over 700 students in their House groups, under the leadership of Year 11 students. Click here for more information.