Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to offer all young Australians the opportunity to experience a sense of personal achievement through individual challenge, teamwork and fun. The Award is an internationally recognised program that encourages a sense of adventure amongst its participants.

Each year, over 100 Monte girls begin working towards achieving a Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students pursue a variety of activities along with volunteering in their local communities which contributes towards achieving an Award.

Significant commitment and organisation are required to complete the program as well as effort, perseverance and initiative; which are put to the test on the Adventurous Journey.

Participation in the Award is entirely voluntary. Students choose their own activities and set their own goals within each of these areas.  Each challenge requires dedication, both physical and mental, and while the structure of the Award provides specialist help in different skills, individual participants must make their own way to the best of their ability.  Success in the Award Program comes through a conscious decision to accept and take up challenges.

The Award is available to all students in Years 9 - 12. Comprising of three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, each level has four components including: Volunteering, Physical Recreation/Fitness, Skill and the Adventurous Journey.

At Bronze level students are introduced to canoeing and hiking in a ‘pack/paddle’ expedition, then at Silver they can choose to pursue either hiking or canoeing. They also learn skills in camp craft, teamwork and navigation along with other elements that build character and only occur in the great outdoors. The lessons learned as well as memories and friendships gained are invaluable.

The Gold Award is the finale in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and requires significant responsibility, effort and a commitment of at least 18 months. In addition to completing their choice of Physical Recreation, a Skill and Volunteering in the community, participants undertake a Residential Project of 5 days/4 nights and two Adventurous Journeys of 4 days/3 nights in the great outdoors.