Enrichment Activities

Gifted and Talented

Monte strives to be a place of challenge and enrichment for the mind of every student. The College has a strong past in recognising the needs and nature of gifted students and commitment to undertaking educational provisions for them to help each student realise their individual potential.

Within the context of a Mercy education, we aim to nurture the students’ abilities so that they can work towards making a difference in the world in their chosen field of endeavour, whatever that may be.

Monte endorses and utilises Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent which has received national and international approval. We use a range of tools for identifying the students so as to cast as broad a net as possible in harnessing the potential of our students.

The College takes a multi-faceted approach which takes into consideration the student’s particular area or areas of giftedness and provides a diverse range of opportunities and experiences which allow her to develop it into talent. Special attention is also given to the students’ social-emotional needs so that they develop into resilient, life long learners.

In particular, the College offers:

Enrichment classes in the core subjects of English, Maths, and Science. We also have extension classes in Years 7 and 8 in Music. These classes are pitched at a level beyond the student’s current enrolment to meet their need for complexity.

In-class differentiation across non-streamed classes. Our teachers provide variations in the delivery of material and student response tasks to meet the individual needs of all ability groups.

Enrichment Programs which may include classroom differentiation or additional curriculum or extra-curricular activities pitched at a similar level to the student’s current year group but broader in scope. These include Monte Minds, Da Vinci Decathlon, Tournament of Minds, Cluster Days and access to a range of other programs through GERRIC.

Opportunities for leadership or representation. The College offers many opportunities for leadership and responsibility within the student body. It also pursues opportunities in all domains for students to represent the school.

Support Services

  • Access to counselling, mentoring and support networks which are significant for social and emotional development.
  • Information on community resources, such as specialists and enrichment opportunities.