Mercy In Action Group

Action … Advocacy … Education

The aim of the Mercy Action Group (MAG) is to promote and work for greater justice and equality in our world.

MAG has enables students to develop their passion for social justice and engender an irrepressible desire to act for positive change in the local and global community, as well as granting a truly international-rounded and opinionated worldview. The diverse range of MAG subgroups – Biamunga, Fair Trade, Amnesty, Green-team and Night Patrol ensures there is truly something to resonate with all interests.

  • Action to Educate
  • Action to Promote Human Rights
  • Action for Amnesty
  • Action to Improve Literacy
  • Action for the Homeless
  • Action for Papua New Guinea and East Timor
  • Action For the Environment                       
  • Action for Fair Trade
  • Action For Indigenous