Middle School

Student leadership in the Middle School at the College is based on a philosophy of active citizenship and modelling democratic processes.

During Term One of the academic year, students in all three year groups are given an opportunity to self-nominate and be elected to a Middle School Student Representative Council. Four Year 9 Leaders go through a more rigorous process of selection which includes a nomination speech and voting by staff as well as students. These processes enable all students to reflect on the qualities of leadership and service and to experience an election first hand. Successful nominees are given clear responsibilities and are held accountable for their participation throughout the year.

The current SRC structure has evolved to empower the student body with a forum to discuss and address issues and concerns. The girls are encouraged to be problem-solvers, taking action rather than just talking. The Council is also used by College staff to consult with students on matters directly affecting them in areas such as timetabling, uniform, homework policy, diary design etc.

In addition to the formal structure, there are many other opportunities in both classroom and co-curricular activities for a broad range of students to develop their personal leadership qualities and serve others.