Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts are an essential part of Monte life. 

Click here for a copy of the Performing Arts 2017 Co-curricular Booklet 


Monte has a number of co-curricular music ensembles which cater for a wide range of student abilities, experience and interest. All members of our ensembles attend the annual Music Camp and take part in band, choir or string ensemble rehearsals and workshops. All girls who are in Music Enrichment or Elective Music classes are expected to join an ensemble to enhance their curricular program. All girls who take individual music lessons through Music Academy are encouraged to join an ensemble.

Co-curricular Music Captains for 2016/2017:

Music Captain - Mia Glynn

Band Captain - Louisa Canepa

Choral Captain - Catherine Petroni 

Orchestra Captain - Ines Paxton 

Small Ensembles Captain - Eadelin Molloy


Drama evenings and House Plays are staged each year providing students with the chance to take their turn in front of the footlights.

There is also the annual Shortcuts Film Festival for student movie-makers.

Co-curricular Drama and Theatre Captains for 2016/2017:

Drama and Theatre Captain - Eliza Larkey