House Captains

House Captains 2016/2017

What it means to be a House Captain

Being a House Captain at Monte means being part of a community that you can help mold and shape into one unified and coherent group. It means connecting with students from all year levels on a more intimate level and becoming involved in their individual journeys through the College by promoting and fostering school and house pride. Being a House Captain means passing on the individual experiences and guidance that we have each received, and in turn learning more about the Monte community and ourselves through creating new connections with all girls.


The role of a House Captain is to promote unity and pride by leading initiatives, organising and planning house events and carnivals, liaising with other senior leaders and staff members, supporting all year levels and acting as a role mode for the students.

The purpose of this role can be found in the enhancement of student wellbeing, which is accredited to the increased sense of belonging and community involvement that students receive from being a part of a colour house. The unity of peers through House Spirit fosters engagement in the College community from all students and the meaningful connections formed within Houses of all year groups is due to the hard work of the House Captains who strive for a positive environment for all.

Positions available

There are 12 positions available for the role of House Captain, with two leaders from each Colour House.

The six houses are:

  • Aquinas
  • McCauley
  • McGuirk
  • McQuoin
  • Rankin
  • Xavier

Past and Current Initiatives/Goals

The House Captains annual initiative is a means of advocating for a pressing issue within the Monte Community through student-led campaigning. Some recent initiatives have included:

  • Don't be a phoney (2016-2017)
  • Slide to the side (2017-2018)

The initiatives involve shedding light on the issue through speeches and presentations, as well as active inspection of the pressing issue by the House Captains and rewards for adherence to the campaign's main target.


Being a House Captain is an important role, fostering school spirit that enables positive growth and development for all students in the school community and promoting the sense of belonging. Watching new friendships form and mature through House spirit or initiatives led by House Captains is rewarding for all involved, and encompasses a positive environment for students to grow in.