Higher Education & Careers

The transition from secondary school to higher education and the world of work is important for young people, and the College endeavours to assist students in acquiring information and developing skills to make decisions about career planning and progression with maturity and confidence.

The Higher Education and Careers (HECs) Office facilitates the provision of information about tertiary education in Australia and abroad, and offers assistance with occupation and industry choices. The services of the HECs Office are available to students from Years 10 - 12, and are tailored to meet their cohort’s particular needs.

Year 10 students participate in psychometric, personality and preference testing in Term 1, delivered by an external careers and occupational psychologist, and undertake individual follow-up interviews in Term 2. This information is used to help guide students with program and subject selections in Term 3, as well as encourage thinking about post-school pathways. A compulsory three day Work Experience Program is completed in Term 4, followed by the College’s Portfolio Program, a cross-curriculum activity where students reflect on their learning in Year 10 and discuss their aspirations with an interview panel.

Year 11 students attend a fortnightly Higher Education and Careers session, where they hear from higher education providers, GAP placement agencies, volunteering organisations and industry professionals that include Monte Alumna. This session allows the students to learn more about the wide range of training and personal development opportunities available and to offer inspiration and ideas. Year 11 students are also welcome to make individual appointments with the Higher Education and Careers Advisor during study periods, and may participate in voluntary work experience placements during term breaks.

Year 12 students are offered priority for individual meetings with the Higher Education and Careers Advisor, and attend information sessions during lunchtimes and select timetabled Year 12 Academic Sessions throughout the year. They work closely with the HECs Advisor on applications for admission to institutions, as well as special entry schemes and scholarship programs. Students in Year 12 may also participate in voluntary work experience placements during term breaks.

All students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are invited and encouraged to attend tertiary education expos, special industry events, interschool Your Career Focus industry evenings and excursions. The Higher Education and Careers Office publishes weekly detailed updates on institutions, events and industry outlooks via ‘Careers on MonteConnect’, and all students in Years 11 and 12 receive this via student email. Information is also included in the College’s weekly newsletter ‘Monte Matters’ and in the resource sections of ‘Careers on MonteConnect’.