College Debating

Debating at Monte has a rich history. Pioneered in the early 1960s by Sister Angela Martin RSM and later taken over by Sister Regina Cooper RSM, the program has grown year-on-year, gaining Monte a formidable reputation in the debating community.

Debating encourages and challenges the girls to engage critically and constructively with each other, exploring the most controversial, pressing and age-old questions facing our society. It fosters collaboration, time management, ideation, empathy and active listening while building a speaker’s confidence, persuasiveness, critical thinking and general knowledge.

During the school year, over 150 students (nearly 15% of the College) participate in five main debating competitions:

  • Independent Schools Debating Association Competition (ISDA)
  • Friday Evening Debating Competition (FED)
  • Lower Northshore Debating Competition (LND)
  • Archdale Debating Competition
  • Schools Debating Network Competition (SDN)

At Monte, we have an all-inclusive program that allows all students who wish to participate to do so without any limitations. Trials are undertaken to place students in a team that best suits their abilities and skills. The College also facilitates an internal Social Debating Program for students who prefer a social experience rather than a competitive one.

"I have great confidence in you to do what you think best. State your opinion and always act with courage."