Industry Partnership and Entrepreneur Programs

Monte proudly offers industry and entrepreneurial opportunities to students which facilitate the building of transferable skills and harnesses creative inquests, to transform our girls into professional women, ready for life beyond the College.


Industry Partnerships

The College prides itself on fostering a strong culture of encouraging women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), an industry where women are significantly under-represented.

Aligning Education and Industry

At Monte, we believe industry has an important place alongside education in facilitating important conversations.

Therefore, the College has established an Industry Partnership Program to complement and expand student’s learning and curriculum practices. Such a program provides Monte girls with real-life and real-time learning experiences in a range of industries, particularly those related to STEM. The program has facilitated opportunities for students to engage with companies such as Laing O’Rourke and Richard Crookes Constructions, building the skills and self-confidence of students to follow a career in STEM.


Entrepreneur Program

The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Program is to provide our girls with the opportunity to explore and experience the “startup life”.

Developing a startup mindset

Students are supported by Monte’s wonderful community of staff, students, parents and Alumni, to pursue an idea or business, with the prospect of becoming a startup.

The program offers skill-building programs covering wide-ranging professional and business skills built within a rigorous micro-credential framework, as well as regular opportunities to pitch and present thought-provoking ideas to engaged audiences. The program offers each student unique opportunities to become more employable, skilled and confident, and is an incredible launchpad for real student-led startup ventures.