Student Leadership at Monte

Transformational Women's Leadership

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College has a diverse range of opportunities for students to become involved in leadership. As young Mercy women, engagement with the College community is integral to our ethos. Students elected to such positions are expected to demonstrate a range of qualities and engage in specific tasks and duties.

YEAR 7 to Year 9

Middle School Leadership

Student leadership in the Middle School (Year 7 to Year 9) is based on a philosophy of active citizenship and modelling democratic processes. 

Developing personal leadership

Students in all three-year groups can self-nominate and be elected to a Middle School Student Representative Council (SRC). The Council is used by College staff to consult with students on matters directly affecting them in areas such as timetabling, uniform, homework policy and diary design offering student voice to the policy making of the College. The girls are encouraged to be problem-solvers and action-takers.

In addition to the formal structure, there are many other opportunities in both classroom and co-curricular activities for a broad range of students to develop their leadership qualities and serve others.

YEAR 10 to Year 12

Senior School Leadership

As a member of the Senior School (Year 10 to Year 12), all senior students act as role models for the younger girls and as ambassadors of the College in the wider community.

Preparing for life beyond school

There are many leadership opportunities available to Senior School students such as the Student Leadership Team, the Student Representative Council, Peer Support and Peer Mediation.

The primary positions offered to students in the Student Leadership Team are:

  • College Captain and Senior Leaders
  • House Captains
  • Co-curricular Captains