Environment Group

MEGA Onesie Day

Founded in 2008, Monte’s Environment Group for Action (M.E.G.A) are committed to promoting sustainability throughout the College, home and the wider community. The group is facilitated by a student captain whose post runs from Term 3 in Year 11 until the beginning of Term 3 Year 12, with the support of staff members. Students and staff meet once a fortnight and discuss topical issues and collaboratively plan initiatives.

With the release of the highly anticipated encyclical from Pope Francis, “Laudato si” in 2015, it was a huge year for Monte’s Environment Group M.E.G.A as they lived out Pope Francis’ message to act sustainably to work towards social justice. Each year the students successfully promote and participate in a number of events. Some of the myriad of initiatives students chose to undertake are highlighted below:

  • Annual participation at the Saint Ignatius College, Riverview Earth Hour Breakfast
  • Keep Australia Beautiful Week
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Hosting of and attendance at School Environment Network North Sydney (SENNS) meetings
  • Advocating for social justice through recognition of the link between first world resource use and the effects on smaller communities such as those from the Pacific Islands of Kiribati and Tuvalu
  • Reducing the use of plastic and waste through hosting ‘Nude Food’ days and the sale of KeepCups
  • In 2010, with the support of the Parents and Friends Association, bubblers were installed throughout the College to promote the use of reusable water bottles and the sale of water bottles in the school canteen was banned
  • Creation of a pond ecosystem with the help of a grant from North Sydney Council
  • Creation of a Native Garden with the support of a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust
  • Wild Onesie Day raises funds for WWF whilst also highlighting the exploitation and illegal trade of endangered animals.