Students are offered many opportunities to develop their leadership skills while at Monte. A representative from each Tutor Group is elected to the Student Representative Council (SRC) which meets regularly to discuss issues of interest and concern to the whole student body. The SRC is responsible for many initiatives aimed at raising the level of social awareness among students and for planning fundraising activities in support of disadvantaged groups in the wider community.

Read the pages created by the Student Leaders discussing their roles and responsibilities

Supportive Environment

Monte aims to create a supportive environment for individuals and groups with special needs, which is conducive to worthwhile learning and enhances a sense of belonging, demonstrating a caring concern for the wellbeing of all our students. Access to specialist care services is available as required for students with specific needs.

Monte offers the services of two full-time registered psychologists, whose roles are to actively support and promote the social and emotional growth of students. The College Counsellors provide specialist assistance for the community, working with individual students, small groups, teachers and parents. Monte also has a Health Centre with a full-time Registered Nurse on the premises during school hours, to ensure that the health care needs of the students are met.