2024 Monte Bursary Blue Ribbon Appeal

The Bursary Blue Ribbon Appeal was established to help the College care for young women whose families are experiencing financial hardship. Bursaries allow us to support families to give their daughters stability in their school environment while their wider world is in turmoil.

Our history is founded on giving and our story is a philanthropic one. Catherine McAuley used her inheritance to educate and benefit girls in need, and through her investment we have a powerful educational legacy that continues. Your giving returns this gift and allows young students access to a Mercy education that would otherwise be unobtainable.

We dedicate this year to focus on the Mercy value of Human Dignity. We recognise and honour the inherent worth and value of every individual and this is the foundation of building a compassionate and inclusive community. We look to advocate for, engage with and listen to those who are facing difficulties, both personally and financially.”

The Bursary Program at Monte ensures that girls and young women directly receive their share of support. Together, we are working to mobilise investment in young women to create bright and promising futures.

If you would like further information on how you can support bursaries at Monte please contact Sara Jones, Head of Foundation on (02) 9409 6398.


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