Monte has a strong commitment to the care and wellbeing of its students. Therefore the provision of counselling support in the College is viewed as integral. Monte offers the services of two Psychologists on campus, who are available to talk with students about any aspect of their adjustment and participation at school.

The role of the College Counsellors is to actively support and promote the social and emotional growth of students by providing specialist assistance and advocacy through contact with individual students or through work with small groups, teachers and parents.

Issues that are discussed in counselling include:

  • emotional issues
  • behavioural issues
  • relationship issues
  • family issues
  • physical and mental health issues

A range of therapeutic approaches are utilised by the College Counsellors to promote the wellbeing of the students including cognitive-behavioural, solution-focussed and narrative therapy techniques.

Students can refer themselves to the Counsellor by making an appointment in person or via email or phone. Alternatively, referrals can be made by parent contact or by teaching staff. Contact with the College Counsellor remains confidential but involvement of relevant College staff may be negotiated with the student and family to ensure optimum support for the student in the College community.

Jarin Tasnim (Full time Psychologist) 

Nicola Mowday (Full time Psychologist)