A redesigned uniform

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College launches a redesigned uniform.

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College has reimagined what it means to be a ‘Monte’ student with the launch of a new uniform that blends the College’s tradition and unique identity while embracing contemporary aesthetics to suit the needs of students today.

Ms Nicole Christensen, Principal at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, said: “We are thrilled to make this momentous announcement as we approach our Sesquicentennial celebration of girl’s education in 2025.

This is the first significant update to the College uniform in more than four decades and is an exceptional opportunity to honour our rich history and enduring legacy. The new uniform retains the College’s identity of ‘being blue’, as well as our commitment to fostering individuality and inclusivity, so our students continue to feel a sense of pride and confidence when they’re at school,” said Ms Christensen.

To celebrate and maintain its unique heritage, the new Monte Sant’ Angelo uniform reintroduces ‘Mary’s Mantle Blue’ as the signature base colour for the new uniform. This colour has been part of Monte’s history for nearly 150 years and was retrieved from the school archives.

“We have long envisaged a need to redesign the uniform for a modern world. We took the feedback and learnings from students, parents and staff and worked with a designer, Jonathan Ward, to design a uniform that was fit-for-purpose and provided a more positive and comfortable uniform for our students,” said Ms Christensen. 

The new uniform has been designed with a focus on improved quality, comfort and wearability, trans-seasonality, affordability and greater choice for students.

Ward’s design is completely trans-seasonal, providing a wardrobe of core essential and optional pieces that can be layered to suit the needs of students, look smart and timeless, and be worn with confidence by all. To provide longer wearability, the collection features an adjustable waist and pleating, allowing students to comfortably move and sit on the ground, while factoring in room for growth.

Highlight garments include blouses in pale blue oxford cotton blend, Australian wool blend knitwear and a signature double-breasted trench coat. The Middle and Senior School uniforms offer long and short sleeve options for the winter blouse, and cardigan and vest options. The only difference from Summer to Winter is the sleeve length, optional navy tights, and an optional trench coat.

“This exciting and significant new chapter in Monte Sant’ Angelo’s history reinforces our commitment to improve the student experience, empowering our young women with choice while ensuring they feel supported, nurtured and valued,” said Ms Christensen.

The new uniform will be available for students and families from Term 4 2023, with the transition period concluding in early 2025. For more information, please click here.

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